Maha Shivaratri – the night of Lord Shiva Celebrate Maha Shivratri 2020

Maha Shivaratri – The Night Of Lord Shiva Celebrate Maha Shivratri 2020

Maha Shivaratri – the night of Lord Shiva Celebrate Maha Shivratri 2020
Maha Shivaratri – the night of Lord Shiva Celebrate Maha Shivratri 2020

About Shivratri

We All Have Been Celebrating The Festival Of Shivratri By Offering Prayers, Fasting And Doing Jagrans At Night. But If You Delve Deep Into Your Thoughts, Has All These Affairs Have Done Any Good To You? It Has Neither Given You Peace Nor Has It Removed Sorrow And Sufferings. You All Perform These Rituals In Pursuit Of Happiness, Treasure, Delight, Desires And For Many Materialistic Things But They Have Hardly Paid Any Dividends.
Have You Ever Thought Who Is Shiva? And What Is Our Relationship With Him? What Is The Link Between’ Shiva And Ratri’; Why We Celebrate It? 

People; Unfortunately Know Half The Truth Which Prevails Behind This Historic Event. The Most Diehard Devotees Of Shiva Would Know, This Festival Has Its Worth In Diamonds, Why?  Shivratri Is The Celebration Of Divine Incarnation Of Lord Shiva, The Incorporeal Father Of All Living Souls On The Earth. It Is Also The Celebration Of Supreme Benevolent Godly Task Of Purifying This World From Corruption, Sorrow, Hate, Crime, Injustice And Other Devilish Deeds And Thereby Transforming It Into An Elevated Divine And Joyful World With Love, Sacrifice And Peace.

Hence, In The Worst Scenario If All The Devotees Of Lord Shiva Would Have Known This Truth Then, They Wouldn’T Have Celebrated This Festival As Any Other Festival And Would Have Moved On The Path Of Enlightenment, Liberation, And Salvation.
It Is The Matter Of Great Joy And Delight That The Supreme Bestower Shiva Has Reincarnated On This Earth To Recreate This World. The Greatest Blessing From Him On Festival Of Shivaratri Is He Himself Is Telling Us About Himself By Showering His Blessings And Love On Earth. Let Us Celebrate This Shivaratri And Remember The Supreme God Shiva To Initiate Our Journey To Liberation And Salvation.

Who Is Shiva?

 Shiva Is The Ultimate Soul Present In This Universe Who Is The Incorporeal Father Of All Souls. We, The Souls Are Immortal And Eternal Children Of This

Supreme Soul

Lord Shiva, The Supreme Soul Is The Creator And Director Of All Souls And It Only On His Wish And Direction We All Perform As Actors. By Observing Purity We Can Transform Our Soul Into An Enlightened Soul, Religious Soul Or Divine Soul But At No Point Of Time Can We Be Transformed To Supreme Soul As There Is Only One Supreme Soul, And That Is Lord Shiva (World Benefactor).

Spiritual Name 

Shiva  Is The Self Revealed Name Of Supreme Benefactor. As Seeds Are The Creator Of A Tree Similarly Shiva Is The Creator Of Human Beings Present On This Earth. God Is The Liberator Of The Whole World From The Devilish Acts. He Does Not Come In The Cycle Of Birth/ Rebirth; There Is No Creator Of Shiva Hence He Is Regarded As ‘Shiv Shambhu’ (Swayam + Bhu, Incarnates On Earth And Reveals Himself).

Divine Form

Shiva’S Form Is A Point Of Light. He Does Not Have Any Any Bodily Form Rather His Form Is Unique. It Is Impossible That Someone Does Not Have Any Form Yet He Has An Existence. Often People Call Him Power But Power Is An Attribute And God Posses It. Qualities Like Fragrance And Sweetness Literally Do Not Have Any Form But They Are Present In Someone, Who Has A Form. God Has Divine Form Which Cannot Be Seen Through Normal Vision; There Is A Requirement Of Divine Vision To See The Form Of God. 


Shivling Is The Memorial Sign Of God. The Meaning Of Ling Is Statue Or Stone Figure Of The Benefactor Or Supreme Soul. Shivling Is The Most Worshipped Figure In The World. In India Alone There Are 12 Most Famous Shiv Maths Which Are Known As Jyotirlingam Math. Some Of The Renowned Jyotirlingam Maths Are Situated At Kedareshwar In Himalayas, 

Vishweshwar In Malwa, Somnath In Saurashtra, Mahakaleshwar In Ujjain (M.P). All These Shivlings Are Symbol Of Supreme Soul. Also Many Small Stones Are Also Worshipped Around The World And Known As Shaligrams (Shiva’S Family).

Trimurti Shiva

God Shiva Is Truly Regarded As ‘Trimurti’ As He Is The Creator Of Three Deities Namely Brahma, Vishnu, And Shankar. He Is Also Named As ‘Trinetri’ – One Who Gives Divine Vision. He Is Also Known As ‘Trikaldarshi’ And ‘Triloknath’ For Being The Master Of Corporeal, Subtle And Incorporeal Worlds.

Significance Of Shivaratri

When The Whole World Is In Darkness Shiva Showers His Godly Knowledge And Rajyoga Thereby Providing Us With Our Birthright, Complete Purity, Peace, And Prosperity. In Spiritual Sense, Darkness Signifies Extreme Ignorance And Devilish Traits Of Human Beings. Present Times Are Inductive Of This Dark Age. It Is Now We Have To Awaken Our Souls And Take The Oath Of Celibacy And Sacrifice Our Bitterness From Our Hearts And Let The God To Shower His Blessing On Each Soul So That We All Attain Liberation And Blessings Of Shiva On

Role Of God

God Is The Ultimate Supreme Soul Who Is Bestower Of Happiness And Remover Of Sorrow. He Does Not Inspire People To Involve In Bad Actions And Other Inhumanly Traits. He Is A Purifier Who Performs Following Roles:

• Creation Of Truth, Purity And Peace
• Destruction Of Untruth, Impurity And Violence
• Growth And Sustenance Of Religious Minded Souls

God Accomplishes The Above Mentioned Tasks Through Brahma, Vishnu, And Shankar.

• Brahma Helps To Recreate Pure World Ie. Satyuga
• Vishnu Helps In Sustenance Of The Tretayugi World
• Shankar Destroys The Kalyugi World.

Three Worlds  Corporeal World

The World Is Made Up Of Five Elements Namely Earth, Air, Water, Fire, And Sky And Our Human Bodies Are Also Made Up Of Same Elements. Souls Perform Actions In The Corporeal World Through Human Body And After Specific Period Of Time, After Completing Their Roles Souls Leave One Human Body And Move To Another. All The Actions, Words, And Sounds Are Here In This World And Thus God’S Actions Like Creation, Sustenance And Destruction Are Related To This World.

Subtle World

Beyond Sun, Moon And Other Planets, There Is A Subtle World Where Lives Brahma, Vishnu, And Shankar Who Are Only Visible Through Divine Eyes.

Incorporeal World

This World Is Known As Brahmok(The World Of Brahma), Parlok(The World Beyond), Mokshdham(The Abode Of Liberation), Shantidham(The Abode Of Peace), Nirvandham(The Abode Of Silence)Or Land Of   Shiva. Here Only, Lives The All Souls Of The World Who Live In-State Free From Experience, Influence, And Action. From Here Souls Come Down To The Earth And Wear A New Costume In The Form Of New Human Body And Perform Their Specific Tasks Given To Them By

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